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The Book of Love

Apr 12, 2021

Today we are joined by Kristin, host of the Where Have All The Cowboys Gone Podcast. We answer the question of where all the good guys are; online dating, sports bar, gym or just living their lives? The best part of hosting a podcast is the inspiration from our guests. Kristin shares her most inspirational guest, and how it gave her perspective on what is important in life.  Do you think that dating in Boston would be easier? Tune in to see if the struggles are the same or if it is the same everywhere. We discuss sparks on the first date, and how important reciprocation is for attraction to build. We discuss the power of the pu$$y and what types of guys we should go for in the different phases of our lives, and how dangerous falling for potential can be. 
For more inspiration on how to get back out there again, register for our 5 week FREE webinar series. We are on week 2 with the amazing Style Coach Renee Martin tomorrow night to talk about spring fashion. If you missed last week's webinar, don't worry you can join anytime! Register through this link.