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The Book of Love

Feb 21, 2022

The week we welcome Dr Lise Janelle Human Potential Expert & Elite Mindset Coach Transforming Lives Since 1989. It is her life’s mission to help as many people as she can to experience the joy, love and fulfillment that comes from living connected with their hearts.  As human beings we can live our lives through three main modes: our mind, our emotions and our heart.  Most people are unaware that they are actually living from their emotions, creating the thoughts that then drive the emotions even more, being stuck in an unending cycle that takes them further and further away from inner peace, love, happiness and true life success.
In this episode, we discuss your first love, and how that impacts relationships for the rest of our lives. Five very powerful tips when choosing your life partner. The importance of love, gratitude, inspiration and wisdom in our lives. And what living in your mind, emotions and heart looks like when out dating. 
For more information on Dr. Lise Janelle and all her work, you can visit her website at