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The Book of Love

May 2, 2022

This week we welcome back Haley, Sarah and Sean for the Dating Club! Our main topic this week is online dating and profiles. Join us as we discuss our swiping styles, review a few profiles out there and answer one of the best Am I The Asshole's!

"I’m using a dating app currently and matched with this cute girl. The only issue was that she had on her profile “I don’t want to date men who hold this viewpoint.” This is a viewpoint I hold (don’t want to be detailed about what it was but it was a social justice type thing.)

She messaged me first and I responded that I held that viewpoint, and maybe she should be a little more open about who she dates because clearly she liked something about me and she’s just shutting me down right off the bat about one thing. She called me a pretentious ass and unmatched me. My friends are split on the issue. Some think I should have immediately unmatched, but others think I didn’t do anything wrong because I was just trying to broaden someone’s worldview. Am I the asshole for messaging her?"

What do you think?
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