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The Book of Love

Jun 27, 2022

This week we sat down with Saskia Nelson, Founder of Hey Saturday, the future of Dating profile photos. Sometimes we think that our photos just need to show people what we look like, but Saskia and I discuss how it also needs to tell a story. Photos are the currency of the dating world, and yet it is what we spend the least time getting right when dating. 
The online world is really busy and standing out, visually, on dating apps is becoming more and more challenging. But having good quality profile pictures, in the first instance, is a really good way to drive up engagement with your dating app profile. People are drawn to good quality profile photos over poor quality ones, without a doubt. Having good quality dating app photos also shares the message that you value yourself and that finding a partner is important to you. Both of which are attractive qualities to people who are looking for love on dating apps.
This episode is pure tips and tricks of online dating profiles. If you aren't getting the quality of matches you deserve online, this is the episode for you!
To learn more about Saskia and her business, check out her website at and you can find her on all the socials at @heysaturday.