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The Book of Love

Feb 7, 2022

This week on the Book of Love HOTLINE, your local matchmaker and dating coach was inspired by my visit to 103.5 Hot Country. On Friday, we answered a follower's dating questions. This new show will be every Wednesday morning just after 8am, live on Facebook and the radio. Feel free to call in or text with your burning dating question so we can answer it live. On this week's Book of Love Hotline, we answer questions such as:

Question # 1 -  A woman I've been dating went away to Toronto for work for 3 weeks. The texting has really changed and she has pulled away a lot. What should I do to get the energy back?

Question # 2 - How do you not get ahead of yourself when you start dating someone? Like how do you not think too far into the future?
Question # 3 -  Is it okay to come right out and ask someone their stance on the "freedom" convoy right out of the gate?
Question # 4 -  How do I make my long distance boo feel loved on Valentine's day when I can't be there to enjoy it with her?
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