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The Book of Love

May 30, 2022

This week's episode of the book of love hotline follows a similar theme. Tribal vetting. What happens when the people you're dating don't get along with your friends and family. What do you do?
Question # 1 - Trying to get my boyfriend out to a family event or friend's birthday is like pulling teeth. If he does come out, he is grumpy and doesn't have a good time, which means I won't have a good time. What should I do?
Question # 2 -  my friends don't like anyone I date. So now I don't bring anyone I date around my friends, and now they complain that I don't make time for them. 
Question # 3 -  My girlfriend told me I was the one and tried to break up with me two months ago. But we still hang out, see each other about once a week and act like boyfriend and girlfriend. What should I do?
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