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The Book of Love

Jun 14, 2021

This week we welcome a dad of four, trying to find love. Glen Ocsko, writer of the 'A Dating Dad' blog joins us from across the pond as you can tell by his beautiful accent. Married with children at a young age, Glen was ready to grow old with his wife and beautiful family, until a teenaged wrench was thrown into his plans. We discuss his story, the dating coaching available for men and how most of it doesn't apply to just normal, kind guys. He talks from the perspective of a divorced man whose life went to shit, wanting to pick himself up to do better in the future. Men aren't expected to ask for help. They're expected to know what to do all of the time, faking it till they make it, and asking for help is considered a weakness. Glen wants to remove that stigma and speak to men that it's ok to ask for help when we are having a hard time. 
To check out his blog, including the one we spoke about on this episode, follow this link