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The Book of Love

Oct 25, 2021

This week we welcome the amazing Harry Wilmington onto The Book of Love Podcast to discuss the beauty of dating an introvert as well as tips on dating smarter as an introvert. If you think being an introvert is holding you back from dating and meeting your perfect person, this podcast episode is for you. We discuss how being an introvert is actually a benefit when used properly, the difference between being shy and being introverted, why extroverts tend to be very compatible with introverts and why the mysterious introvert can be so sexy. 
Harry Wilmington is a Men's Dating Coach who specializes in helping introverted men break out of their shells to attract and date the women of their dreams... while still getting their alone time. A certified introvert who was once unlucky in love, Harry has created podcasts and programs based on his journey from dating failure to success that have helped transform hundreds of men into bold, confident daters. He coaches men on how to use their natural introverted charm to create genuine bonds and connections with the women in their dating lives. Harry resides in Los Angeles, CA, and he can be reached via his website,